Joey -> Joey Great times at USA Maine camp. Thank you all and can’t wait for Arizona 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Great training today. Thank you nick and julio and everyone at Gonzalez Grappling Coventry CT 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Great rolls with john newman 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Gonna be some great rolls in the basement with nicky vargas 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Awesome training in Cabo San Lucas at Grounddwellers Bjj. Tre and Cassie are awesome and the students and atmosphere is dope. Can’t wait to go back. 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Great training at Gracie Farmington Valley on Friday. 5min rounds for 90min. Yes 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey Awesome day at SoulCraft bjj getting my butt kicked. Beers after yesss 1 year(s) ago
Joey -> Joey 8/20 Eric Lundell and Jason Leenders promoted to Black Belt. Congrats. Big Hugs 1 year(s) ago
Michael Brimage -> Joey Happy birthday bruh! 1 year(s) ago