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Introduce yourself - PART 3Avatar6 hour(s) ago by Johnny LeaAvatarChristian Graugart6445116
One year anniversary for Beltchecker today!Avatar9 hour(s) ago by RonAvatarWebmaster •36123
How is this an alternative to IBJJF?Avatar1 week(s) ago by Eric LaporteAvatarAndy Brown25823104
Support :-)Avatar2 week(s) ago by Michael SanfordAvatarWebmaster •1856845
Voting to verify ... what exactly?Avatar26 minute(s) ago by Kenneth LeifAvatarJorgen Matsi7811
Best motivational speech for people who suck at Jiu Jitsu (w/subs)Avatar38 minute(s) ago by Felipe CostaAvatarFelipe Costa20
Show me your old belts.Avatar3 hour(s) ago by David BruceAvatarJoe_wick30425
Your 2021 Jiu-Jitsu New Year's ResolutionsAvatar4 hour(s) ago by William FrankAvatarBridget Jack Jeffries30637
John Danaher- Feet to Floor -ThoughtsAvatar4 hour(s) ago by Chris BakerAvatarChris Baker16321
As an adult what's the heaviest and lightest you've competed at?Avatar7 hour(s) ago by Chris BakerAvatarJessie Gonzales12413
Cervical Disc Herniation - has anyone returned to BJJ after this?Avatar8 hour(s) ago by Siobhan McDonnellAvatarSiobhan McDonnell29645
Black Belt with the white patchAvatar18 hour(s) ago by Ray RoblesAvatarRay Robles160224
2000 black belts in the worldAvatar18 hour(s) ago by William FrankAvatarChristian Graugart65235
Frustrated AFAvatar19 hour(s) ago by William FrankAvatarAnthony Restuccia55446
Why don't Americana's finish?Avatar19 hour(s) ago by William FrankAvatarAlexander King-Zhang532464
Can we verify these belts?Avatar19 hour(s) ago by VovisAvatarBridget Jack Jeffries3717271
Seminars You’ve Attended Avatar21 hour(s) ago by Gerald FabrotAvatarBlaise Malabre30124
Your individual martial arts/ combat sports journey - did you train in other martial arts systems before BJJ?Avatar22 hour(s) ago by Gerald FabrotAvatarMirco Wendt39440
Training while baldAvatar22 hour(s) ago by William FrankAvatarBrad Neumyer137125
Beautiful numbers on Beltchecker for all of us with OCDAvatar1 day(s) ago by VovisAvatarChristian Graugart963139
World’s first ever Online Grappling Techniques Demonstration TournamentAvatar1 day(s) ago by Tatu PiispanenAvatarTatu Piispanen13913
Post Your LineageAvatar2 day(s) ago by VovisAvatarBradley Fulton12900264
Logic for Back MountAvatar2 day(s) ago by Jorgen MatsiAvatarAlexander King-Zhang725
Instructors that teach for freeAvatar2 day(s) ago by Jorgen MatsiAvatarR. David Gonzalez32923
“Unspoken rules of Jiu Jitsu”Avatar2 day(s) ago by Tatu PiispanenAvatarChristian Graugart174346
Having to pay a fee in order to receive a belt promotion? Avatar2 day(s) ago by PabsAvatarValérie Laplante54240
What are some common questions/misconceptions you hear about Beltchecker?Avatar3 day(s) ago by Philip DunlapAvatarChristian Graugart15521
Validating non-BJJ belts? (mma, sambo, hayastan, luta livre) Avatar3 day(s) ago by Scott ChiribogaAvatarDaniël Bertina94661
New functionality todayAvatar3 day(s) ago by Bridget Jack JeffriesAvatarWebmaster •1008
Submissions in kids tournaments. No bueno.Avatar3 day(s) ago by Cosimo CaroneAvatarDaniël Bertina11712

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