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Introduce yourself - PART 3Avatar12 hour(s) ago by Christian CookAvatarChristian Graugart7463145
How is this an alternative to IBJJF?Avatar1 day(s) ago by William FrankAvatarAndy Brown28072107
Support :-)Avatar2 week(s) ago by Mark MoynihanAvatarWebmaster •1984457
If you want you profile to be voted onAvatar2 week(s) ago by Mark MoynihanAvatarMark Moynihan6242114
One year anniversary for Beltchecker today!Avatar1 month(s) ago by Sindre EideAvatarWebmaster •50427
The students of fake black beltsAvatar7 minute(s) ago by Justin PoletteAvatarBridget Jack Jeffries34917
Have some Hespetch! [change my view]Avatar19 minute(s) ago by David KeeganAvatarDavid Keegan172
Internet posers and their delusionsAvatar1 hour(s) ago by Justin PoletteAvatarPhilip Dunlap26126
Is the blue belt drop-out rate truly a failure?Avatar1 hour(s) ago by James JonesAvatarShane Van Meer372
Question about Sandbagging.Avatar3 hour(s) ago by James JonesAvatarJames Jones14510
Back to the LockdownAvatar6 hour(s) ago by Ian BlakeAvatarAndré Drechsler160765
Why are you updating your promotion history for stripes?Avatar10 hour(s) ago by Matt GuyerAvatarMatt Guyer11412
Post your lighthearted gym videos!Avatar14 hour(s) ago by Ian BlakeAvatarJason Murray146513
Injuries. Who’s at fault?Avatar14 hour(s) ago by Tatu PiispanenAvatarMatt Guyer14417
Does character matter?Avatar15 hour(s) ago by Mirco WendtAvatarJarrell Garcia76444
How do you run your average class?Avatar16 hour(s) ago by TonyAvatarJoshua Cather34825
Can we verify these belts? (Randy Lasu Rogers & Jordan Gregory, Pure Jiu Jitsu)Avatar1 day(s) ago by Miikka NiemelinAvatarBridget Jack Jeffries10960725
Please don't send friend requests on behalf of your kids to adults (read: total strangers!) Avatar1 day(s) ago by Bridget Jack JeffriesAvatarDaniël Bertina17610
Competition Wins in Other Martial Arts/MMA?Avatar1 day(s) ago by Ramon LopezAvatarRobert McMasters1279
Never thought I'd ask this but... How did you make your Grappling Dummy?Avatar2 day(s) ago by William MurphyAvatarDaniël Bertina209623
Kids classesAvatar2 day(s) ago by JoemoplataAvatarJohn Hartley9877
Female InjuriesAvatar2 day(s) ago by Bridget Jack JeffriesAvatarPaul Johnson261
Your belt promotion traditions?Avatar2 day(s) ago by Tillman KeadleAvatarChristian Graugart261153
Have you ever grappled with a "fake" ranked person?Avatar2 day(s) ago by Philip DunlapAvatarJessie Gonzales22225
Small Town Jiu Jitsu GymsAvatar2 day(s) ago by Luke McCarronAvatarGreg Harrison45824
I actually need some input as I think I have lost touch with realityAvatar2 day(s) ago by Mark MoynihanAvatarPhilip Dunlap28625
Anyone else here from the SE Michigan area?Avatar3 day(s) ago by Zachary CopeAvatarAdam Meindel241
Folding mats for home training?Avatar3 day(s) ago by Zachary CopeAvatarJesse Grinstead1604
Problem solving as a lesson structureAvatar4 day(s) ago by Hannu LeinonenAvatarHannu Leinonen633
Looking for experienced BJJ instructors to be part of online platform to help improve teaching skillsAvatar4 day(s) ago by Christopher HowesAvatarChristian Graugart16213

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