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Introduce yourself - PART 3Avatar7 hour(s) ago by MattAvatarChristian Graugart17926217
If you want you profile to be voted onAvatar19 hour(s) ago by Jay HughesAvatarVovis14497143
How is this an alternative to IBJJF?Avatar1 month(s) ago by Vince ChooAvatarAndy Brown54940118
Looking for Beltchecker VolunteersAvatar2 month(s) ago by Felipe GrezAvatarEric Lubow72535
Support :-)Avatar5 month(s) ago by Matt GuyerAvatarWebmaster •2865374
SJJIF vs. IBJJFAvatar4 hour(s) ago by Vince ChooAvatarRoy Rolstad161117
Trailer for BJJ Globetrotters documentary "The Gentle Art of Travel"Avatar7 hour(s) ago by Steven ZollAvatarChristian Graugart527122
Rash guards under your giAvatar16 hour(s) ago by Jason WilliardAvatarGumesh6178107
Sweeping off turtle bottomAvatar20 hour(s) ago by DeepuAvatarShalita824
Mat MopsAvatar1 day(s) ago by Virginio MinerviniAvatarVirginio Minervini692
Mouth guardsAvatar2 day(s) ago by Brian DunnAvatarShalita34224
The Greatest Fighter You Never Heard of, Euclides PereiraAvatar2 day(s) ago by Josh SimonAvatarJosh Simon2485
Veteran Military (All) Service Member Jiu-jitsu Practitioners...Sound Off Boot!Avatar2 day(s) ago by Brian ThurmondAvatarBrian Thurmond18784205
Ibjjf Competition Alternatives Avatar2 day(s) ago by Philip DunlapAvatarAnthony Jones37723
Mat coverAvatar3 day(s) ago by Vince ChooAvatarMichael Morgan1201
Does your academy train takedowns? Avatar6 day(s) ago by Marius Brændhagen HåkonsenAvatarRoy Noonan207764
New Move!Avatar6 day(s) ago by John A. ByrneAvatarChris Morris2222
not eligible to promote to black belt?Avatar6 day(s) ago by DeepuAvatarItay Leibovich86356
Searching for a special Sold out GI "The Kimono" Avatar1 week(s) ago by Ben ShawAvatarLeonid Chraga2012
Does any of you still bow to a picture of Helio?Avatar1 week(s) ago by Farrah SuhaimiAvatarChristian Graugart150036
My Brown Belt promotion.Avatar1 week(s) ago by Anthony RestucciaAvatarC J2712
What is the best Wrestling Instructional for BJJ?Avatar1 week(s) ago by Jorgen MatsiAvatarFelipe Grez149119
A no stripe black belt promoting a student to blackAvatar2 week(s) ago by Sean BrandleAvatarVilhjálmur Arnarsson4096
Is time enough for a black belt to promote another or does he need stripes?Avatar2 week(s) ago by DeepuAvatarVilhjálmur Arnarsson2661
Cervical Disc Herniation - has anyone returned to BJJ after this?Avatar2 week(s) ago by Siobhan McDonnellAvatarSiobhan McDonnell135963
Software/App for BJJ attendance and trackingAvatar2 week(s) ago by Adam ColonAvatarIsrael Vasquez137217
SERVER UPGRADEAvatar2 week(s) ago by Vince ChooAvatarWebmaster •4345
Help us translate Beltchecker!Avatar2 week(s) ago by Dragos CiobanuAvatarWebmaster •29013119
Beautiful numbers on Beltchecker for all of us with OCDAvatar2 week(s) ago by Christian GraugartAvatarChristian Graugart23688124
Where can I train in KrakówAvatar2 week(s) ago by Billy BeckersAvatarBilly Beckers8905

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