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Subject Latest Posted by Views Replies
Introduce yourself - PART 3Avatar1 day(s) ago by Callum RolloAvatarChristian Graugart89764402
How is this an alternative to IBJJF?Avatar1 week(s) ago by FluffAvatarAndy Brown141301182
Support :-)Avatar1 week(s) ago by R. David GonzalezAvatarWebmaster •8581082
If you want you profile to be voted onAvatar1 year(s) ago by Christian GraugartAvatarVovis77477162
Thought on brown belts promoting studentsAvatar5 hour(s) ago by BobbyAvatarJustin Polette910096
Scam attemt using Belt Checker?Avatar8 hour(s) ago by John A. ByrneAvatarEirik Gulbrandsen431
Revenge downvotes cast - you know what to doAvatar12 hour(s) ago by Johan NyhAvatarJohan Nyh9685282
Coming soon to belt checkerAvatar12 hour(s) ago by Josh ThomasAvatarAnthony Nelson19310
School logosAvatar1 day(s) ago by Lars SöderströmAvatarMichael Desrosiers53157202
Time to test the Experiment.Avatar1 day(s) ago by Johan NyhAvatarJames Jones103958
What does a guy need to do to get verifiedAvatar1 day(s) ago by Callum RolloAvatarPhilip Dunlap9407
What’s your favorite? Avatar1 day(s) ago by MegatonAvatarDennis Koreman67014
Years trainingAvatar2 day(s) ago by Jay PagesAvatarRonzilla527323
I was promoted to blue belt…. by a blue beltAvatar2 day(s) ago by Anthony NelsonAvatarMo27811
Behavior based voting Avatar2 day(s) ago by JimAvatarPhilip Dunlap45621
Skilled Black Belts who were nefarious criminalsAvatar2 day(s) ago by Jeremy FranklinAvatarR. David Gonzalez21178177
Being awarded multiple black belt degrees at the same timeAvatar2 day(s) ago by Johan NyhAvatarTatu Piispanen53724
A friendly reminder of forum rule #1Avatar2 day(s) ago by R. David GonzalezAvatarWebmaster •2541
The 10 Fastest-Growing Sports in America and Their Participation Increase From 2018 to 2022Avatar6 day(s) ago by JimAvatarChristian Graugart133019
Veteran Military (All) Service Member Jiu-jitsu Practitioners...Sound Off Boot!Avatar6 day(s) ago by Jeffrey CookAvatarBrian Thurmond58846369
What are you working on?Avatar6 day(s) ago by Eric BurkeAvatarRonzilla585236
Dates for stripes now supportedAvatar1 week(s) ago by VovisAvatarWebmaster •10888
Is fundamental Jiujitsu lost Avatar1 week(s) ago by Jay PagesAvatarJames Bennett460126
Belt displayAvatar1 week(s) ago by Eric BurkeAvatarTroy Moutsatsos317920
Don't go too far, make the difference between beltcheking and harassingAvatar1 week(s) ago by Jari AnttilaAvatarBenoit Zenthner284553
How important are stripes? Avatar1 week(s) ago by Andrew DoddAvatarZy Pryde-Ramsey7838
Timed Skills MetricAvatar1 week(s) ago by Benjamin AllsoppAvatarZy Pryde-Ramsey8244
BJJ PodcastsAvatar1 week(s) ago by Andrés FachtanAvatarAndrés Fachtan7400
At what point could you call yourself a professional grappler?Avatar1 week(s) ago by Jeremy FranklinAvatarZy Pryde-Ramsey14039
Do I deserve my belt? Imposter syndrome in bjjAvatar1 week(s) ago by RandyAvatarJames Bennett713651

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