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What is this? is a online database of practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that also allows for the community to verify or dispute belt ranks through voting.

What does it cost? will forever be free to use.

How does it work?

  • Verification requires: Full belt promotion history, photo verification, name verification and enough votes from the community to confirm your profile being trustworthy
  • The amount of vote points needed for verification depends on your belt rank
  • Only verified profiles can vote
  • The higher the verified profile's belt rank, the more points their vote is worth
  • Changes made to your promotion history will require all of your received votes to be reconfirmed

What can I use it for?

You may chose to use this site as you like. It could be a sort of who-is-who database of BJJ practitioners, a social media platform, a place to manage the members of you academy, a way to verify/dispute belt ranks/instructors/competitors or just plain and simple entertainment.

How can you verify my belt rank?

In order to verify your belt rank, you need to first provide name verification, profile photo verification and your full belt promotion. Once this is done, your profile will be automatically opened to receive votes from verified members of the community. The number of voting points you need for verification depends on your belt rank. The number of voting points other users can give you, also depends on their verified belt rank.

I need help with profile picture or name verification

For an overview of your verification status please visit

How do I activate my academy's profile?

Requirements to claim an academy profile are:

- A fully verified profile
- Minimum three members of your academy that are fully verified, minimum blue belts and confirmed as your students*

To claim your academy profile, click the academy name on your own profile follow instructions :)

*) For your students to add you as a coach, they must go to "Edit profile" -> "Coaches, students & academies"

Members of our academy have spelled our academy differently

Just ask them to change the name of the academy in their profiles so that it's spelled in the same way. Then you'll automatically all be registered under the correct academy.

How many points do I need to receive for verification?

White:0 points
Gray:50 points
Yellow:50 points
Orange:50 points
Green:100 points
Blue:200 points
Purple:400 points
Brown:700 points
Black:1000 points

How many points is my vote worth?

Once verified, your votes will give the following points:

White:0 points
Gray:0 points
Yellow:0 points
Orange:0 points
Green:0 points
Blue:5 points
Purple:20 points
Brown:50 points
Black:100 points

Each black belt degree adds +25 pts to voting weight

Why does it take so long for me to get verified?

By design, the verification process takes time and "work". It is based purely votes from people in the community who trust you to have provided the correct information on your profile. If there is not enough people registered on the site that can vouch for your legitimacy, then you can not be verified yet.

How do I get verified when nobody I know are verified yet?

You could try to invite people you know to join themselves and seek verification, in order to vote for you later. As the site matures and the user base grows, verification will be quicker, given that there is a better chance people you know are already verified here.

How do I find people to vote for me?

That's up to you! You can browse around the site and look for people you know. Or help build the user base by inviting people you know to join.

By what criteria should I vote to verify or dispute someone?

This is up to you! Organically, many different standards for verification will evolve as the site grows, and this is completely fine. At the end of the day, the combined vote of the entire community will ultimately decide on verification or dispute. The actual voting criteria will become an average of all criteria from the entire community.

Can you also give someone a negative vote?

Yes, verified profiles can both vote to verify and dispute. Disputed votes will deduct points. Any profile with a negative voting point score will be marked as disputed.

Can I use my IBJJF card to verify my rank?

No. Aquiring rank verification with IBJJF only requires the approval of one black belt to sign off for you. requires several verified profiles from the community to verify your profile, so a single person approving your belt rank is not enough.

Who can promote who?

There are several different standards in BJJ for who can promote who and we don't endorse any specific of them. On, the vote of the community is the only judge of legitimacy.

What if someone creates a fake profile?

It will never be possible to verify a fake profile since thorough ID verification is required. And even then, if the community get suspicious, they can downvote the profile and it will quickly get status as disputed.

What if someone starts taking bribes for votes?

This is technically possible. Remember, there are no set rules for what is acceptable behavior here, it is all up to the community to judge. If someone, for instance, starts offering votes for money and the community disagree on this behavior, it has the power to quickly downvote this person and strip him/her from their voting power. Did the person manage to cast any votes while verified, all of these will be instantly will instantly be cancelled, the moment verification status is lost. A profile's voting power can only be sustained through continous trust from the community.

What if someone has a personal feud and unfairly downvotes someone else because of it?

A single person's vote does not carry enough weight to make a difference in someone's verification. For black belt, it takes around 10 other black belts to verify the belt rank. So if someone unfairly downvotes a profile, the community can equally upvote and balance out the final vote. A "voting-war" between groups could break out, and it would ultimately be up to the average of the votes to let the system decide the result.

Is verification necessary?

No, you can use the full website without verification.

What is "rank pre-verification"?

In order to get the voting system working, a small, trusted and vetted group of black belts have had their ranks pre-verified so they could start voting. If we did not do this, no one could ever start verifying each other. It is not possible to apply for pre-verification of rank.

Can I verify black belt degrees based on time here?

The system allows certification of degrees for verified black belts once due time is served and as long as the community agrees by voting to approve it. Compare here the requirements from with those of IBJJF:

  • Time served as black belt
  • ID verification
  • Membership renewed every year since black belt promotion ($40 first time, then $35 per year)
  • Black belt certification application ($400 for first application, then $150 per application)
  • First aid or CPR course certificate
  • IBJJF referee course within 12 months before request of each degree ($60 per course)
  • For some countries: Background check ($20)
  • Must train in an academy that has been paying membership fee to IBJJF since promotion to black belt ($70 for registration and $70 for each modification)
  • Must be professor in this academy or academy must have an IBJJF certified 2nd degree professor (all costs above)
  • If your first registration with IBJJF is as brown or black belt, you’re required to be a paying member for two years (“provisional member”) before you can request black belt certificate or degrees.

  • Time served as black belt
  • Full ID and photo verification
  • Full promotion history
  • Enough votes from verified community to confirm your profile and promotion history is trustworthy (1000 points required; equivalent of votes from 10 black belts)

I changed my profile photo and now I need to be reverified, why is this?

This is to prevent people from getting their photo verified and then just change it to look like someone else. The integrity of this site is built on strong trust in the authenticity of the profiles, so if you update your photo, we will have to check again that it is actually you.

I changed something in my promotion history and lost all my points!

If you change your belts (stripes not included), who promoted you or the date of promotion, all your votes will be up for re-verification. This is on purpose to make sure that any changes in promotion history are being verified by those who voted for you. Don't worry, everyone will automatically receive a notification and a link to re-confirm their vote once they have a chance to look through your updated promotion history.

I changed my name or profile photo and lost my ID verification!

To ensure all profiles are verified and trustworthy, any changes in your legal name or profile photo will trigger re-verification of your ID from the moderators. This is to avoid people verifying one name/photo and then afterwards making the profile look like it belongs to someone else. If you changed your profile photo, it is automatically sent to the moderators to be re-verified, which shouldn't take long. If you changed your name, you have to verify the new one by credit card or uploading documents.

I'm not receiving my email with the activation link

First double check your spam folder. Then you can try the "resend verification email" function in the login box. If you're still not receiving any emails, try with another email account.

My password doesn't work

Please try the "reset password" function or send us an email on and we'll help you out.

What if I have more questions?

Try asking in our "Help & technical support forum".

What changes to my profile will make me lose my verification?

ActionEffect on your profile
Adding or removing a belt from promotion historyAny existing votes you have received will be put up for re-verification. Anyone who have voted for you will receive a notification asking them to reconfirm their vote based on your new promotion history.
Changing the date of a promotionAny existing votes you have received will be put up for re-verification. Anyone who have voted for you will receive a notification asking them to reconfirm their vote based on your new promotion history.
Changing the name of who promoted one of your beltsAny existing votes you have received will be put up for re-verification. Anyone who have voted for you will receive a notification asking them to reconfirm their vote based on your new promotion history.
Change of profile pictureAny existing ID verification will be cancelled and your new photo must be re-verified by the moderators. This is an automatic process and should take less than a few hours (depending on work load)
Change of legal nameAny existing name verification will be cancelled and your new name must be re-verified by the moderators. This is an automatic process and should take less than a few hours (depending on work load)
Adding or changing a photo to a promotionNothing happens
Adding or changing comment on a promotionNothing happens
Adding or changing location of a promotionNothing happens
Adding or changing stripes on a white, blue, purple or brown beltNothing happens
Accepting black belt degree based on time servedNothing happens

I don't want to show you my ID

You don't have to! In fact, we encourage people to not upload their passport, drivers license or similar (however, all uploaded images are being truncated the moment they've been approved/rejeced by moderators). You can upload a utility bill, IBJJF membership card or anything else with your name on. Alternatively, you can verify your name by making a $2 credit card payment with a card that matches the name on your profile.

Who is behind this?

This site is not run or owned by any Jiu Jitsu organisation, affiliation or company. It is the personal brain-child and programming project of Christian Graugart but we prefer to say it is run by the Jiu Jitsu community. The system is designed to the core to ensure that the creator of this site has just as much power over the votes and verification process as any other user in the community.


Please see for documentation on API.

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